Stools for the family


Creating a chair is all about mixing style and comfort at the same time. But what if it is also about bringing joy at home and break with conventional seating that blends into your interior? Well, these are for the ones who like funky, playful and sharp colors in their home. Designed with simplicity in a twin version with parents in mind: a bar stool and low seat for kids. Can do like daddy now.

Role Designer
Other @DamienUrvoy, a revamp of our old classic

Main idea

Stronger together

Designed as a set for adults and kids but also shipped as one saving space during transportation and at home if needed.



Softly designed for simplicity, it brings softness to the products and breaks with sharp lines.

Color schemes

Fit for everyone

Five colors have been created around the idea of bringing contrast inside the house but also within the stool. Ah, by the way, it’s cat-friendly.

The gallery

Project story

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