Adjustable lamp

Desk accessory

Done a while back, this lamp challenges the Earth gravity thanks to a heavy and sturdy die cast base. The base has been designed to create an architectural feeling on the desk thanks to an asymmetric form, in contrast with the light structure which is as simple as it can get. You can dim the light but also to easily adjust its beam angle.

Role Designer

Main idea

Lightness with metal

Although the lamp is made out of die cast and aluminum, the overall view of it inspires lightness and sturdiness and challenges the gravity at the pivot point.



The metal ribs help to make a sturdy structure. Often they are hidden as it is a technical constraint but here, the lamp shines them out through a triangle pattern.



No matter you’re an architect, desk addict, sketcher or other, grab a coffee and enjoy the lamp company at your favorite dimming intensity and angle.

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