Smartphone 4.5

Product design

Smartphones do not have to be all dull. Having a bit of colors and customization in our life could be a good thing right? Well, this one has been designed to give more color combination possibilities, thus keeping a small and compact size to make the smartphone 4.5 the perfect daily cool companion. Battery can also be taken away and replaced easily if needed. If your phone starts to worn off, just keep your mind away from buying a new one and replace the back casing with the trendy color of the moment.

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Tiffany Cheng/Sebastien Mesnil/Bryan Wong
Role Design manager/Product designer
Other This was way before Google hardware

Main idea

Customization to reduce environmental impact

Change your casing or battery easily at a lesser cost when your phone starts to be worn off.


Go beyond expectations

In a smartphone, attention to details and proportions is important to show that it went through a deep thinking about ergonomics, needs and trends.


Make the features popping out

The smarphone back casing is unusual by its split between two parts. It allows to make a clear differentiation on where and how to handle it. “Do not place your fingers on camera buddy”.

The gallery

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