360° Projection clock


Have you ever woken up at night looking for the time with sticky eyes? Sounds familiar? The projection clock is made to check the time in a glimpse of an eye and going back to sleep like you’ll not even remember it the next day. With its 360° rotation angle on the X axis doubled by a 180° on the Y axis, you can custom the display to fit any wall or ceiling for a better reading. To make sure that your sleep will not be disturbed, a red color is used for both projection and clock display to avoid blinding your eyes. Furthermore, the top of the clock is rubberized in order to place your phone for charging. What else to spend a good night sleep?

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Olivier Bovis/Tiffany Cheng/Jerry Lam
Role Design manager/Product designer

Main idea

Custom display

Whether you want to project on your right wall, left wall or ceiling, the projection has to follow the reading direction you wish to have. This does not exist in the current projection clocks. A system of combined rotations (like a drone head camera) has been developed to make it happen.

Peace of mind

Phone charging at night

Created with an USB port and a Qi wireless charging, the rubberized top allows you to gently place your phone to charge at night. Your clumsy hand will be allowed thanks to the anti-slippery top.


Radio and dimmer

You can choose to wake up with your favorite radio but also to dim the display in order to avoid having a lighthouse at night in your room.

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