The blenders

Product design

The range has been created on the idea of offering simple but qualitative products that are easy to tidy up in the kitchen. A dedicated cable management system has been customized for each product structure in order to propose an user-friendly, aesthetic and also trendy solution that can evolve with time. Indeed, the engineered silicone sleeve is easily manageable on a production part to follow different trends thus, by offering the user an extra grip and easy cleaning surface. Scroll down to discover the range and smart tips.

Brand Mandine
Client @Carrefour
Team Cyril Auda/Francis Bidaut/Julien Nottelet/Sammy Young
Role Product designer
Other Label de l’Observeur du design

Main idea

The silicone sock

The exclusive aesthetic comes from a silicone sock that goes 360° around the product with integrated cable hooks to hold it when not in use. Silicone has the advantage to be both flexible and sturdy.


Important shapes & textures

The products are designed to help the user in her/his daily cooking tasks. In that matter, the texture, such as the silicone grip around the product or some ergonomic detail, like the finger lock are creating a nice and safe user experience when you first handle the products.


User tips

Along the cooking experience, the product will strive to help the chef with some smart details such as an anti-slippery mat, a glass jar that can be use as a sealed food container, a straw to taste your mixtures whilst cooking and much more.

The gallery

Project story

A selection of visuals from the project that can include development insights, design process, manufacturing preview, team collaboration or just creative and fun pics. Each project gets its own part of secret stories.


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