Desk calculator

Product design

Creating a calculator can seem boring unless you convey users’ survey with its elite users. By doing so, the idea of having a thinner and lighter calculator appear as obvious in order to save space but also for the accountants to feel more modern with dedicated tool. Reduction was about 30%, on everything.

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Olivier Bovis
Role Product designer

Main idea

Slim it down

Making such a small product more compact with the same technology is possible by minding about gaining the 0.2mm on each part and to get rid of what’s not important.


Less used features

The accountants did not really used most of the keys and features. The “less used” features are placed aside to gain space and readability.


Cheaper for the user

What is gained on the production point of view has been reflected on the selling price by making it cheaper for the user to buy. Quite obvious when you compare the two models.

The gallery

Project story

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