Paperplane Laptop Stand


Insert a little bit of imagination, mix it up with poetry, add the expected user’s features and you’ll get the paper plane stand for laptop. A combination of a lot of tiny things into a simple and affordable product.

Brand Carrefour
Client @Carrefour
Team Circle Fei Yuan
Role Designer

Main idea

Paper plane lightness

The stand is designed to support the computer in a stylish and light way. In that matter, the shape was designed according to papers that always lie on a desk, thus, adding a slight touch of poetry into it.


Work and leisure

The laptop stand is a great tool at work to improve the overall posture when you work. It is also useful at home for people who likes to use their computer on a sofa or in the bed. It helps to vent the computer whilst on a soft surface.


Take away

The paper plane shape allows the user to grab the laptop in an easy and intuitive way, using only one hand.



Accessories use has been considered into the design, from cables to space saving, the stand is a real work station.

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