La radio

Product design

The global digital work keeps growing everyday, with a ton of new apps and use. But what about having a break , just tweaking your old radio on one station without having to switch every 2 min because you want to skip this ad or this song. Just take the time to enjoy the bad stuff as well, good stuff will be double pleasure when they pop up. Golden ratio and “Braun” old spirit were the inspiration and tools of this simple product.

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Frédéric Vaisbroit/Tiffany Cheng/Winnie Fu
Role Design manager/Product designer
Other Label de l’Observeur du design

Main idea

A radio forever

Design to survive any trends, bearing in mind aesthetic guidelines such as golden ratio in order to make it timeless, simple and useful. That was the goal really.

The interface

Smooth interface at the heart

The inner and outer ring are dissociated in terms of speed in order to give the user a smooth and accurate search for the right radio wave, like old times. They got it right.


Design to the details

Getting what could look like a simple design often requires attention to details and complex thinking when it comes to bring the original concept design to production. Without teamwork, you’re basically screwed.

The gallery

Project story

A selection of visuals from the project that can include development insights, design process, manufacturing preview, team collaboration or just creative and fun pics. Each project gets its own part of secret stories.