Product design

Everyone needs a calculator, although we have one on our smartphones, it is faster and more convenient to use. The calculator is made to make mathematics a bit more attractive and colorful than what it is. A range of simple calculators, cute and user-friendly.

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Circle Fei Yuan / Olivier Bovis
Role Product designer

Main idea

Calculator as a medicine

Mathematics can give you headache, and one way to get rid of it is medicine. The calculator is inspired from a pack of pills. So junkies, here you are.


Design by geometry

To make it pleasing to look at and to handle, some design rules were set up to meet ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.


Standing out

In store, you need the product to be seen amongst the other products and the packaging can really help for that.

The gallery

Project story

A selection of visuals from the project that can include development insights, design process, manufacturing preview, team collaboration or just creative and fun pics. Each project gets its own part of secret stories.