Back to school backpacks

Product design

It is back to school, but no one wants to go back actually. Buying stationery is boring for the kids except for their yearly agenda, pen pouch and bag. This bag is designed for simplicity and all is about proportions in order to make it look cool and compact. And finally, we made an “adult” version as the size was quite elegant and fit for women and men as well. Universal design.

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Gergana Kirova/Tiffany Cheng/Cynthia So
Role Design manager/Product designer

Main idea

Simplicity and cost

The bag is designed around the simple idea of making the backpack affordable to anyone thus, with a cool and durable design. Its simple structure allows to change the colors according to the trends.


Cool stuff everywhere

How to make an accesible and durable bag, thus, by still giving attention to details to the users? It is all about answering users’ needs by combining the production and assembly processes.


Urban life

Components have been modified after the success of the first version in order to offer the same bag for an urban adult user.

The gallery

Project story

A selection of visuals from the project that can include development insights, design process, manufacturing preview, team collaboration or just creative and fun pics. Each project gets its own part of secret stories.