Cargobot XS robotics

Automated human assistance

Productivity is always at the center of a company thinking, same than optimization. In that way, CARGOBOT XS can be used to assist tasks such as carrying heavy objets, surveillance and more in order to free the operator’s hands but also to let her/him focus on more important tasks, thus, reducing the physical constraints. The use of CARGOBOT XS has only imagination as a limit. The first prototype and working models are already out there. You can order it on the link below.

Brand Sterela Robotics
Client @Sterela Robotics
Team Nadia Fournols/Denis Berthoumieux/Augustin Desfosses
Role Designer


Sensors at its core

Powerful sensors are used to give directions and detect anything around to given human instructions. Like a killer whale sonar.

Made for construction sites

The carrier

Thanks to a lot of possible customization and its powerful electric engine, CARGOBOT XS can be of a real help anywhere.

Made for warehouses

The postman

Thanks to its +50cm height, CARGOBOT XS is perfect to assist employees carrying multiple packages in warehouses and to follow her/him around.

Made for surveillance

The detector

CARGOBOT XS can also be used to circle around according to a proper site mapping and to deliver precious information at any time of the day or night.

The design

Collaboration at the heart

From the concept to the working prototype, a close collaboration with the engineering and commercial teams was mandatory to ensure the best outcome for the product.

It's already out there

First use of CARGOBOT XS

They have been tested and selling CARGOBOT XS everywhere. Photo credits @STERELA

The gallery

Project story

A selection of visuals from the project that can include development insights, design process, manufacturing preview, team collaboration or just creative and fun pics. Each project gets its own part of secret stories.