Camera bags

Product design

In the ever-evolving emergence of new media, cameras have undergone a radical change in recent years to be phased out or changed in favor of mobile phones, hybrid devices or other public DSLR surfing on the ” snapshot” trends. It is in this context that the range of bags is born: maximum practicality and versatility. One may need the full backpack system during the day and prefer the small shoulder bag for a night out. An act for durability as your bag can evolve according to your needs without having to buy a brand new one.

Brand Poss
Client @Carrefour
Team Sandrine Bellavoine/Tiffany Cheng/Julia Graffe/Kimily Law/Luca Pulega
Role Product designer/Design manager
Other Label observeur du design

Main idea

Evolving bags

The bags can be attached together in order to answer different needs at different times. You only buy the features you need.


From one use to another

The DSLR protective part of the bag can easily be taken out in order to switch from a dedicated photographer bag to a more flexible urban explorer bag.

Pack up


The bags are made from a soft nylon which and thanks to their clever structure, the shape of the bag will adapt automatically according to its contents.

The gallery

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In-house Video

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