ING bank packaging


ING bank is one of the first online bank, and in that matter, they needed to ship your credit card when you were opening an account. They wanted a packaging reflecting their values such as transparency, trust or durability but also to get a second use for the packaging. The overall idea was to create a transparent wallet where you can securely clip your main ING credit card on one side and slide in other things such as banknotes or cards on the other side. Thus, keeping a smooth shape that can easily get into your pocket.

Brand ING bank
Client @ING and Kikaya agency
Role Packaging designer

Main idea

Transparent wallet

It was all about showing the bank transparency thanks to the packaging but also giving a straight view of the card right at the opening of the package thus protecting it.

Easy opening

Just slide it

No strong plastic clips, a simple pull from the hand releases a part of the casing in order to reveal the credit card entirely.

The other side

Put your own stuff

You can reuse the packaging as a wallet thanks to its back space where you can store banknotes, other cards, business cards and more.

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