Vulcan stove


The overall concept relies on one principle: promoting sustainable energy through an user-friendly experience. In that matter, Vulcan rises from the flames by radiating heat during winter months thanks to a traditional stove technic. The added value comes from the fully customizable shelving system that allows anyone to use the stove safely as a furniture. You can place the wood nearby the stove to dry it up, hang blankets to warm them up, place your sleepers close by in the same aim, or even keep your hot coffee or tea warm enough just on top of it. It is fully made out of metal sheet, cast iron, glass and metal rods. No plastic here.

Client @Hephaestus
Role Product designer
Other It was a really fun personal project

Main idea

Custom shelving system

Two metal vertebra are running along the main body of the stove which allows the user to place the metal shelves according to her/his needs.

A sustainable heat

Radiating warmth

You can control how hot you want your structure to be thanks to an internal air intake adjustment. The warm structure can dry out whatever you want to dry but also radiate the heat in a better way in the room.


Warm drawers

All the stove is made to save some space, like the drawers that are placed at the bottom. Perfect to keep some autumn nuts there. Like a petit squirrel.

The gallery

Project story

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